Known and Loved.

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

– Sam Keen, To Love and Be Loved

Such is the love of God.



​But Jesus, overhearing what was being spoken, said to the synagogue official, “Do not be afraid any longer, only believe.” Mark 5:36 NASB So simple, yet so difficult. We know this story.  Jairus approached Jesus in the hopes of healing his daughter.  Before they reached Jairus’ home, news came that the child had died.  Jesus’… Continue reading Believe.

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Finding Mrs. Right.

This post applies to women as much as it applies to men.  Don’t set yourself up for disappointment by clinging to unrealistic expectations.

I expected heaven on earth now, so I was searching for the great Romance to be found with a mere mortal. But God is a better storyteller than Disney.

Read Greg Morse on Desiring God – Dump Your Dream Girl: Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic


Three weeks into 2017, I was faced with the possibility of love, romance, and marriage.  I clung to it, not knowing that it would be the source of much grief and pain for many months to come.  In my impetuousness, I ran headlong into a relationship that was my undoing.  Frustration and impatience had led… Continue reading Bittersweet.

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Hidden Treasure.

Tucked away in a little corner, you might find a present left unopened.  People miss it because they’re not looking.  And it doesn’t look like most presents.  This gift looks plain, even dull.  It’s a gift that people avoid, like the fabled fruitcake that gets passed around year after year, because of how it appears.… Continue reading Hidden Treasure.

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Stand and Fall.

​You know standards? Keep them. Be open to review. But always have them in some form. And when the cards are played, know when to fold. It will define who you are, and who you end up with. And there are few things more empowering than knowing precisely where you stand, and where you refuse

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